Top 5 phones to buy in Nepal 2017


  Top Phones to buy in Nepal 2017

Here are The top 5 phones to buy in Nepal  to buy. The list contains from 0 to 1.5 lakh.smartphones below 15000.Best phones under 10000 to 1.5 lakh.Top phones available in Neplease markets .Here the list begins

1) iPhone X (price= 138,000 RS)

Iphone x


iPhone x price in Nepal is 1,38,000 RS. This is the Top phones to buy in Nepal .This is latest mobile in nepal. This phone has awesome specs. It has got face id unlock and awesome bezzeless display with OLED screen. This phone has got dual camera on back and is capable to take better portrait mode. It CAN Take portrait shots by front camera too. This phone has got stereo speakers.It has 5.8- inch super retina screen. This phone is sold by Oliz store kathmandu.iPhone x price in Nepal is 1,38,000 RS


2. GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL AND PIXEL 2( price=1,11000 rs)

Google-pixel-2-xl-Hasten news

Google pixel 2 price in Nepal 74000 RS. Google pixel 2 is one of Best smartphone in 2017. It was launch in October 19,2017 .A really impressive smartphone with an absolutely killer camera. This phone has best camera. This phone can capture portrait shots with single camera. This phone comes with the latest update and provides unlimited storage to store photos videos.The Google pixel xl is larger variant in Pixel 2 model.It has large 6 inch screen and 18.9 display comes with snapdragon 835 processors 4 GB RAM,64 GB and 128 GB internal storage 12 Mp of the camera.smaller pixel 2 has 5 inch of screen and smaller battery and all the remaining specs are same.Google pixel 2 price in Nepal 74000 RS.

3)  ONeplus 5T ( 64900 RS)

Oneplus 5t - hasten news

 Oneplus 5T price in Nepal 64900 Rs. Best smartphone in 2017. Oneplus 5T is most selling smartphone of 2017 with high specs. It is cheaper then all flagship phones in market. The OnePlus 5T is a superb, affordable phone for new buyers, despite only minor changes from the OnePlus 5. This phone has face unlock backup and comes with superb 18:9 display. The best phone under 60000.It has got Snapdragon 835 chip and has 8 GB RAM along with 128 Gb on board storage. It has got fingerprint sensor on the back.


4) Galaxy note 8 (129000 RS)

Galaxy note 8 - Hasten news

Galaxy note 8 price in Nepal   129000 Rs . The phone is much more expensive then its previous model. The phones come with top phones under 10000 * 13= Galaxy note 8 price.The phone has got 6.3″ inch display. It has got 12MP of camera.It has got 6GB RAM which can load app more faster.IT has got battery capacity of 3300 MAH.It has got Android 7.1.1.It has 3.5 mm jack.Best smartphone in 2017


5) Galaxy S8 price (76900 RS )


Galaxy S8 hasten news

Galaxy S8 price in Nepal 76900 RS .Best smartphone in 2017 in Nepal. Galaxy Note 8 The Galaxy Note 8 is Samsung’s successful comeback story following the Note 7 recall, and it’s a big upgrade for fans of the large-screen smartphone series. It includes the S Pen, a bezel-less screen, and has  two rear cameras. The jump from 4GB to 6GB of RAM will help future-proof this phone and for Dex workstation virtualization.It comes with top specs. Best Samsung phone 2017.








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