Galaxy s9, Galaxy s9+, release date,price,specs


Galaxy s9, Galaxy s9+, release date,price, specs : Hello Everyone Galaxy S9 is not far away.Just a  month is remaining to be official. It will be the best Flagship phone of 2018.It will be in MWC February 25.

It is most waited and excited phone in the market. This phone has got high specs. As all, we know hell some specs and rumor about Samsung s9.

The Samsung s9 preorder will start from March 2 in USA and uk and rest in remaining countries.



Display: 5.8 inch S9/ S9 + 6.2inch QHD+ SUPER Amoled Curved Display (570ppi / 529ppi)

Android version: Android 8.0

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (US)

Samsung Exynos 9810

Internal memory: 64GB/128GB(s9)  64GB/128GB/256GB storage(s9+)

Camera: 12 Megapixel dual pixel camera with OIS

Speaker: Stereo Speaker

Wireless charging support

IP68 Water and  Dust Resistant

Support: FM Radio

3.5 mm Jack: Yes


Samsung galaxy s9 and  S9+ the price has not been fixed yet. But the rumors handset will be S9 will be $895 USD and S9+ will be $940 USD

Price in Nepal maybe around 1 lakh 5 Thousand for S9 and for S9+ It may be 1 LAKH 15 thousand.




The s9 has been leaked. Many youtubers has been unbox its clone. The Chinese market has made huge number of clone of Samsung galaxy s9. The image has been also leaked.


The Samsung s9 has great camera s9 will come in single camera where as S9 + will come with dual camera. It has ability to challenge to pixel 2 XL camera.

New colors:

The Samsung galaxy S9 will be available in many colors. IT will have variety of option to choose different colors.  It may come in 4 different colors Black,Gold,Blue and purple


Curved display:

Samsung galaxy s9 may release with different and unique display with great contrast ratio. It may have curved on all 4 sides according to Korean news outlet ETnews April 2017


Samsung S9 battery

The Samsung S9 comes with higher battery for gaming and for task operating. Note 7 burned in 2017 of its battery. Will Samsung s9 Pushing capacity boundries again? The rumour has also said that the battery capacity may increase by 24%







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